Accolades & Reviews

“Tim Webb is a straight shooter, a go-getter, it gets done, way deep down in the BASS, he’s got a whole lot to say, sensitive and combustible…I recommend him highly.”

-Michael Gregory Jackson, guitarist/singer/songwriter
[Apart from his own recordings, Michael has performed and/or recorded with Oliver Lake, Wadada Leo Smith, Anthony Braxton, Nile Rodgers, Steve Winwood, and Marcus Miller, to name a few.]

“Working with Tim, I found his level of musicianship to be outstanding. His sound was as good as any of the great bassists I’ve ever played with, and that includes some remarkable players. Tim is a dedicated and sensitive musician who I feel has a great future in jazz. It was truly a pleasure playing with him. I consider him to be on the same level as the top bass players working today.”

-Dick Griffin, trombonist/composer/visual artist
[Dick has performed and/or recorded with Rahsaan Roland Kirk, Duke Ellington, Sun Ra, William Parker, Marvin Gaye, Muhal Richard Abrams, Cecil McBee, and Fred Hopkins, to name a few.]

“Laying the foundation was Webb, whose deep-pocket sense of time and groove provided the appropriate amount of elasticity the music needed to ebb and flow.”

-Alan Chase, The Wire

[Review of Equal Time – We Wake] “These three have open ears and know how to drive these collective improvisations with an elastic flow. There is an egalitarian sensibility at play as focus moves dynamically between reeds, bass, and drums. Webb and Keith play off of each other expertly as circuitous reed lines bob and weave their way across the muscular bass lines. Walsh is an understated player who knows how to kick the improvisations along with a limber free swing. The three manage to draw out a sense of simmering urgency across this set.”

-Michael Rosenstein, Cadence

[Review of Solo Bass Improvisations] “All 55 minutes prove engaging, ranging from groove-based time expansions to some more timbrally exciting but introspective pieces—a very fine disc that I hope will receive a follow-up.”

-Marc Medwin, Cadence

“When do you guys start playing?”

-A listener, to sax player during one of my unaccompanied bass solos

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