Equal Time

Equal Time is a creative improvising ensemble I co-founded with saxophonist Thom Keith and drummer Mike Walsh in 2006. Since then, the group has evolved to a quartet with trombonist Derek Kwong in 2007, and then a quintet featuring Forbes Graham on trumpet and Jonathan Paul on guitar, which has been our configuration since 2009. We play “free jazz” or “spontaneous music” but the goal is always to compose on the spot…to create something that sounds like it was composed or pre-planned. We do play some written material as well.

Future Memory

Future Memory features Frank Laurino on drums, David Tonkin and Chris Chitouras on guitars, and myself on electric bass. Much of our material is improvised and combines many different elements and influences, including prog rock, Malian music, jazz, and ambient soundscapes.

Tim Webb Trio

Marc LaForce (saxophones), Ken Clark (drums), and myself have been making music together since the early 90s.

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